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So I celebrate your chemistry, if you bond with me,
I could make your whole world sweet. I'm on my knees.


´╗┐Maloreigh is a half-demon, but that does not mean she likes it. She has a tendency to try and forget that she's demonic when she can. Usually that's about when someone (either her half-brother Asher or her father Carmine) pop up to remind her that she's not human. She adores humanity, even though their customs are often strange to her.

Her sexuality is open and free. In Hell, sex was a frequent and common thing, often done in the middle of hallways and public rooms in the palace. Maloreigh finds little to nothing disturbing, though she does not like being flayed alive (that she learned thanks to the loving attentions of Asher.) Her body regenerates quickly, the product of being the daughter of a demon and a damned immortal. Her own demonic powers are sparing, though. She can summon small items from the Never and portals to travel to and from Hell and other places around the world. Opening gates is exhausting, though, and when she does open them, she often finds herself worn out from it. She weakens herself and risks true harm when she does so.

Appearance wise, she has one tattoo, a barbed rose on her lower back, and she has multiple body piercings, all done with holy metal. Her ears are gauged and her belly button is pierced. She also has a Marilyn piercing above the right side of her lips. Her hair is naturally black, her skin pale, and her eyes dark brown.´╗┐

[not vikki blows, not Maloreigh. not real. mun and character are 18+. journal is NC-17. Maloreigh is bisexual.]
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